The essence of play, freedom, and joy…

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“Schooldays were the best of my life”

Language is one of the most fantastic tools we have, and the study of it is a fantastic boon to civilisation. But the acquisition of this knowledge, and the power that comes with it can be an arduous path.

I had not learnt to read before I went to school. I distinctly remember, around the age of 5 or 6, struggling to learn. My parents had to force me and I hated it -It bewildered me.

I could feel my mind changing. The acquisition of literacy literally changes the way we think. There was something terrifying to me about this as a child. How do most people think, in words, pictures, or both?

There was something about experiencing the world directly as a child that was so raw and real, unadulterated by value weights of words. This is a headspace that I and many others seek out again. Today I find it in love-making, visual creation, music, meditation and sport.


World In Her Hands

The essence of play, freedom, and joy. Even an act as banal as throwing a ball up and catching it again can bring satisfaction to a grateful soul, an uninhibited child like mind that can see and appreciate the beauty in the simplistic. I used strong primary colours in this piece because I wanted to be transported back, as vividly as possible, to a time when the days were long, where I would play in the woods and the fields in such a care free way.

Clueless Movement P

Clueless Movement

A young figure stands vulnerable under bright light. Divided by neon barriers, all she can do is stop and put her hands together. Her eyes stare piercingly at what is ahead of her, as she restlessly searches for the path forward.

Author: Daniel Rushforth

Artist from Bath, England.

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