A little consideration…

Contemplation 1

Contemplation 1

Sitting and thinking. Meditation. Contemplation. Turning an image around and around in your mind, looking at it from different sides. Looking at what is doing the looking. Building on an idea. Sitting and waiting, for something to arise.

Contemplation 2Contemplation 2

These three paintings arose at different times, but were all painted with and about the same subject matter. One is an outline, a basis, traditional and dandyish. The second is melancholic, romantic and nocturnal. The third is cerebral, abstract, psychedelic and modern.

Contemplation 3

Contemplation 3

The ancient Chinese masters considered ‘just sitting’ one of the highest virtues and important activities an individual partake in. Perhaps we are losing this in our nonstop attention grabbing culture. Maybe we should seek to restore stillness, to slow down our lives, and give them a little consideration.

Author: Daniel Rushforth

Artist from Bath, England.

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