Red Line

Approximating perfection hinges on how we program it…

I have previously exhibited works as part of the Red Line Artworks project. Red Line seeks to discuss big global issues, the state of our world and the issue of global justice. You can find out more about Red Line Artworks here.



Although the number fluctuates, the IMF estimates that around 600 billion dollars a year was avoided in tax – stashed offshore using elaborate, yet legal avoidance loopholes. How ethical is this when the average citizen has no access to these systems and is forced to pay taxes or face serious penalty, and what are the repercussions for infrastructure in societies relying on tax income?

Prison DR


Some prisons are self-imposed – archaic doors may lay unbolted. However, the captive is unable to move – frozen by unspeakable, absorbing terror. While escape may be unfettered to some, illusion may block another’s path.

The prison-industrial complex is a burgeoning industry in the United States. The USA has the highest incarceration rate globally, and the prison-industrial complex uses a pervasive political wing to extend its power and disseminate the idea of criminality for profit.

Drones p.png


The use of UAVs is burgeoning in today – having been used in a military capacity they are now commonplace among civilian population. Drones have become visible, acceptable, and even desirable.

Technology has the power of good and evil. In a world where individual privacy is being traded for convenience, bulk data and extensive surveillance could have sinister implications in the wrong hands.

We have the power to influence the personality and values of future AI. Technology will be capable of surpassing human beings in complexity and ability. While humans are fallible, the opportunity to create something approximating perfection hinges on how we program it.


Author: Daniel Rushforth

Artist from Bath, England.

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