We must tread carefully…

The simple freedom of being able to propel oneself in an upright posture is one of the most unappreciated blessings we have. We are able to travel through this world bipedally on our own steam, the helm of the ship atop the mast of the body. We can look out across the land, survey it for oncoming obstacles and interests, and plot our journey through life.

OW p

Out Walking

Even in darkness, throughout acidic times in life, we all clutch something important. A precious message that only we as individuals can deliver to its destination. This purpose can see us through even the darkest of times – a guiding light on the road. We can find companions on the way.

Walk the Line

Walk the Line

What is a line? A route from one place to another. Fine. Straight and narrow. Crooked. A boarder. A mark. A line between known and unknown. Can we stay on it or will we stray? Where do we draw the line? We must tread carefully.

Distinguish Reality 2

Distinguish Reality

A man steps out into the street. Turmoil is around him. Crowds of people quarrel, revel and dance. Spirits take to the air with a grace of their own, swirl, dip and dive. Leaning towers lurch on the skyline with windows blackened and glimmering.

He stares into infinity. What is real in this strange world, and how can one distinguish reality from the phantoms of the mind?


Author: Daniel Rushforth

Artist from Bath, England.

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